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Hardwood Dining Room Tables

Contact the shop with specifications and we will work on a quote unique to your space.



Hardwood dining room tables that last a lifetime are well within reach for today’s consumer. Select a hardwood that matches your decor, add some metal legs (or wood), and away you go!

Pictured below are two previous Ro’s Woods builds. Walnut slabs combine to produce a marvellous dining room table that’s sturdy enough to last generations. The details include blue resin accents and walnut bowties to secure the splits from widening. It also adds a nice design touch. The table measures approximately 40×78 with solid steel legs for support. The finish is a combination of oils and wax.

The second table is made of alder with lighter tones and approximately 2″ in depth. 4 separate pieces were laminated (glued) together and later secured by the bottom plate of the metal legs.

Price varies based on length, slab cost, and the amount of resin desired. Handcrafted and locally made.